Our starting point is abundance, belief in fertility and sharing. While addressing the issue of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, Turkey focuses on its rich heritage and sharing this enormous potential with the others. Food is life, and life dates back to 10.000 B.C. in our lands. Our approach is to offer a vision that blends and transfers the teachings and experiences of our rich history to provide the world with a sustainable future.


Anatolia, literally “Asia Minor”, which is the origin of cultivation and husbandry, is now providing an unmatched source to take lessons from its history and centuries-long civilization to come up with natural solutions for food problems facing our world today.


Our opulent biodiversity, unique geographical location hosting distinct climates, flora and scenic beauties as well as substantial historical and cultural accumulation all provide a fertile basis for the future of nutrition and for further development of food-agriculture technologies and policies.


The unique fusion stemming from our socio-cultural diversity, wide-range of tastes in our cuisine and peculiar eating habits offers quite an extensive learning platform for the entire world.


From Mesopotamia to Çatalhöyük through Göbeklitepe and Yenikapı amphorae, from the Palace Cuisines to regional kitchens, our agricultural produces, cooking techniques, food preservation methods and cooking utensils and materials are all out for the whole world as a museum to visit and as an experience to embark on.


Turkey’s main purpose in Expo Milano 2015 is for sure to make a difference not only through presenting its exceptional and centuries-long tradition in food and nutrition but also sharing its vision and ideas in order that the world can become a nutritionally more sustainable and livable place.


Expo Milano 2015 is a universal platform providing substantial opportunities for communication, interaction and exhange of ideas, in particular, in regard to food and nutrition. Turkey perceives the Expo, which enables many countries to share their ideas, traditions, cultures and their up-to-date technologies in the field, as a unique platform that can provide the countries of the world with synergy and will to cooperate to overcome the two fundamental issues facing the world today: food and energy. And, Turkey is poised to play its part to this purpose by virtue of both its strong tradition and its determination.


Considering the questions raised by Expo Milano “How to create appropriate conditions and provide the continuity of sufficient and healthy food for humanity? How to procure a balance among humanbeings, land, water and air? as the ones that should be dealt with carefully and delicately, Turkey seeks out lasting solutions to these questions of common concern.


To date, Turkey has developed and implemented many national and worldwide projects with regard to food safety, ecological balance, maintenance and improvement of biodiversity and protection of species. Turkey considers this as a never-ending quest. Out of this, it is in search of offering innovative methods and, through international cooperation, making them available to the use of humanity to reach a nutritionally more secure world. In this vein, Turkey attaches significance to;


As part of the scientific and technological endeavours, searching out ways for the preservation of the endemic species that are under the threat of extinction and for this purpose realizing the nationwide programs such as “the creation of a gene bank” and playing pioneering roles in designing such projects at global-scale as “International Winter Wheat Improvement Program - (IWWIP)”,


Having quite diverse and rich traditional food production methods, securing and sustaining the legacy of great civilizations that contributed to the cooking and production techniques of the Turkish cuisine,


Sharing the experience and knowledge on husbandry and fishery and evaluating the know-how of innovative initiatives such as solar-powered mobile irrigation techniques and the use of bio-pesticides,


As regards socio-cultural purposes, illustrating the cooking, dressing and preserving techniques as well as cooking utensils and materials of Turkish cuisine,


Organizing social responsibility programs to eradicate starvation and extreme poverty in the world and evaluating their results to attract the attention of the world to the urgency of these problems.


All in all, with its exciting, motivating and vivacious “Theme and Pavilion” that bridge the past-present-future and harmonize culture-nature-technology, Turkey is to exhibit in Expo Milano 2015 what makes it unique and rich culturally, historically and traditionally, and to share them for the well-being of the humanity.